Francis endorsed for clerk

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, October 24, 2007

To the Editor:

As a lifelong Boykins citizen, I have seen Ricky Francis grow up, go off to school, and come back to work and raise a family in his hometown.

As the Town Clerk for Boykins for more than 35 years (now retired) I have seen mayors and council members come and go. I worked for Ricky during his 20 years of service to our town. When he took over as mayor at age 28, he was certainly “green,” but he was a fast learner. In no time, he had the books balanced and the town operating in the black for the first time.

Ricky did a lot to help our town and individuals, but there is probably no one who knows how much Rick did and gave to our town better than myself. He was always worried about being fair to all people and whether he was doing enough, and he was always ready to answer anyone’s call for help. He often donated his salary to pay bills of the needy, and his legal knowledge saved the town many a headache (and many a big bill).

Ricky has always worked to make his community better, not only as mayor, but also through Boy Scouts, Lions Club, the community, and his church. He has balanced and planned budgets, kept track of mounds of paperwork, and met deadlines without fail. His door was always open, and he is easy to talk to.

The clerk for the courthouse does more than keep minutes and organize files. The clerk is in charge of all of our most important papers — our wills, our deeds, trusts, etc. I trust Ricky Francis with these documents.

You can be sure both the city of Franklin and the county will receive the same care, attention and dedication Ricky has given to his hometown.

Erma N. Scott