A local product sets a good example

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, October 17, 2007

A community as a whole can take pride when one of its own makes a good name for himself.

Such is the case with S. Bernard Goodwyn, a Boykins native and Southampton High School graduate who on Wednesday was appointed as a justice to the Virginia Supreme Court.

Goodwyn’s ties to the community run deep and strong. Those who remember him from his school days still speak fondly of him, from his skill and leadership on the Southampton High School football team to undergraduate work at Harvard through his graduation, post graduate work and his work in judicial matters since.

We’re not here to review the judge’s list of rulings or his judicial leanings. This is testimony to his hard work, his professionalism and, naturally, his success.

Needless to say, such an appointment has made his family and friends and colleagues proud. By extension, the regional will no doubt hitch its wagons to Goodwyn, in some fashion, when it comes to bragging rights.

There’s also a sense of history to be considered. In years to come when Southampton County’s more famous people are remembered, Goodwyn’s name will be mentioned prominently.

And it should be.

His success is what many strive to achieve but few do: Get good grades, be active in the community, attain professional success.

And, as Goodwyn has also proven, be good to your mother.