Francis gets endorsement

Published 12:00 am Friday, October 12, 2007

To the Editor:

The coming election for clerk of court is very important for the citizens in this county. As a lawyer, mayor of Boykins for 20 years and as a community leader in helping to establish youth programs he has demonstrated strong organizational skills and a careful attention to details that many overlook. As the mayor he found many ways to give extra service to the community besides his public service. In the 20 years as mayor he donated his salary back to the needy and continues this practice today by donating his fees as called upon as legal counsel to the town back to our local food bank.

During and after Hurricane Floyd and Isabel he was the primary caretaker of Boykins, checking roads, homes and businesses during the brunt of the storm and delivering his personal generator to all who needed it. His own office sustained major damage but he worked tirelessly for his community.

During his tenure as mayor one of the most important contributions was obtaining the grants for water and sewage which made a significant difference in the lives of many who had not had the benefit of indoor plumbing and water. He obtained a license to spray for mosquitoes when there was no one qualified to do this job for the town.

He has proven his commitment to the community through service as a Boy Scout leader for 20 years, a member of the Lions Club and as a very active member of the community youth group board as well as being at present a board member of the Village at Woods Edge.

He is always ready to serve the community. To listen to find ways to help and to serve. His door is always open. With all of his service he has a positive attitude and has helped so many.

This position as clerk of the court impacts on the lives of many and deserves someone has legal knowledge and has done very much community service.

I urge you to vote for Rick Francis as clerk of court in the November election.

Roberta T. Naranjo