Woman back in court on dog charges

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, October 3, 2007

COURTLAND—A Branchville woman who predicted she would be back in court on the same dog-related charges for which she was found guilty in July faces the same charges — and others — following a search of her property last week.

Police charged Annette Dooley of Vicks Millpond Road in Branchville with failing to get county licenses for 13 dogs that were found on her property when deputies served a search warrant Sept. 20.

This time, she was also charged with nine counts of failing to provide adequate veterinary care and three counts of selling an unweaned puppy.

The search of the fenced property, along with the home and outbuildings, took place five days after a woman went to Dooley’s house and bought three five-week-old puppies, according to a search warrant that was filed by Southampton deputies Sept. 17.

The woman, a former manager of Tidewater K-9 Country Inn, a canine training and boarding facility, observed one dog with a bone sticking through the skin of one of its legs, the warrant states.

She also noticed that the dogs on the property were &uot;covered with fleas,&uot; and she &uot;didn’t observe any food available.&uot;

Deputy James Cooke, Southampton’s animal warden, checked the property Sept. 17 to determine whether Dooley had complied with the county code, which allows no more than four dogs on a property without a commercial kennel license.

&uot;Dooley has to this date failed to comply with the county ordinance,&uot; he stated in the affidavit supporting the request for a search warrant.

When deputies served the warrant three days later, they found 13 dogs without licenses.

Dr. Dana Miller, a field veterinarian with the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Community Services, examined the animals and determined that nine lacked adequate care, based on parasitic infestations and nutritional issues, according to Sheriff’s Department spokesman Richard Morris.

Morris said the injured dog was not located during the search. No court date has been set in the case.

In her last court case, Dooley was fined $150 for having 11 dogs without a license and $200 for operating a kennel without a license. Assistant Commonwealth’s Attorney Jack Randall had asked for the maximum fine of $2,500.

Following that July appearance, in which she was often combative and openly disdainful of prosecutors and deputies, said she would continue to pick up and keep stray dogs.