Where to place the power lines

Published 12:00 am Friday, September 28, 2007

There’s no question that as human beings, we rely on electricity. We don’t always like the way it’s delivered to us.

Residents of Southampton and Isle of Wight counties are grappling with that issue again, as Dominion Power proposes to string 500,000-volt lines from a substation in Dinwiddie County to another substation in Suffolk.

It would be the third such time the power company ran high-voltage lines, disrupting property owners.

Officials from those two counties have weighed in on their preferred route through the countryside: They back a route to parallel the existing route in the northern portion of both counties.

That makes sense, even though it’s of little solace to those who are forced to put up with the dismal view of the steel towers and alleys of hanging wires.