Common sense is at the core of safety

Published 12:00 am Thursday, September 20, 2007

Pages of this newspaper today are dedicated to promoting farm safety, especially among the inexperienced, younger workers learning their trade.

Farms pose many dangers, from big animals who don’t know their own strength, to machines that might be a little older and do not have the safety measures of newer equipment, to the basic dangers of working with one’s hands.

The safety tips offered on those pages mainly center on common sense. Big, strong animals can seriously hurt humans with little effort; farm machinery is powerful pieces of equipment, that when used improperly, pose serious health risks; working on fences, or climbing ladders to stringing wire can be dangerous.

Paying heed and respecting the damage that can be done helps reduce the risks. It is a sad day when a farm accident ruins a young person’s life, particularly when it can be prevented.