Not impressed with lawmaker’s response

Published 12:00 am Thursday, September 6, 2007

To the Editor:

I work in Norfolk, am a Franklin native, a Southampton County land owner, and a Virginia Beach resident.

As such, I have to ties to lots of communities.

I recently sent Congresswoman Thelma Drake, my current representative in Congress, a letter expressing my opposition to the consideration of Southampton County as a possible site for an OLF.

The letter I got back was a classic political response — one not addressing the question posed — which started by saying that she appreciated my letter regarding the location of an OLF &uot;in rural North Carolina.&uot;

The letter went on to state why OLFs are necessary but never once discussed the issue raised in my letter to her — the location of an OLF in Southampton County.

I am sure some aide saw a reference to OLF, knew that Form # X in his computer was her stock response, and off the printer came the pre-signed letter.

This was just another example of politicians not listening and another reason we should have term limits.

I will have to admit that after sending her the attached letter, I did get a call from an aide — which I have not yet returned — expressing regret and asking me to call him in Washington — and not on his toll free line mind you.

For the reasons stated in my second letter to her, Southampton County is not an appropriate site for the location of an OLF.

If the citizens of Virginia Beach and Chesapeake are creating such a fuss that the existing field at Fentress must be relocated, then Fort Pickett is the place it should go.

Bob Powell

Virginia Beach