Those who live here have a say

Published 12:00 am Monday, September 3, 2007

Being a resident for more than 40 years in Southampton County, more than 30 of these years in the same (non-transient) location and having read and reread Pamela Walker’s letter “Residents must be more flexible on the OLF issue,” I would like to express my opinion concerning her remarks.

The noise is not the only consideration in rejecting the OLF. This field is intended to be a “training touch-and-go” field with most of the activity occurring at night as described by the Navy.

Should I be happy when one of the trainees botches his landing attempt and crashes, possibly killing myself or someone in my family? Or if we survived, destroying my home?

The last comment of the letter is the one that inflamed me. I will not “get used to it,” as the letter stated. It is not anyone’s place to tell me that who doesn’t live here and has no vested interest in our county.

Sandra Bryant