On Aug. 10 our dog Mitzi disappeared from our home on Darden Scout Road.

Published 12:00 am Friday, August 17, 2007

She has been a part of our family for almost 15 years. She is not a wanderer and never leaves the immediate neighborhood of four houses.

We are very blessed that she returned home on Sunday afternoon in the early afternoon hours.

Though the time she was missing was very traumatic for us we were also blessed in many ways. From the ones who were here and helped that first day to cover the neighborhood looking for her to those who continually called to check to see if she had been found. The responder in the sheriff’s office was compassionate and shared our concern for her when we reported her missing.

The second day we made fliers with her picture and distributed them. Through this action I was able to meet many of our neighbors for the first time.

All I were able to talk to showed concern and compassion, and many encouraged us in our hope for her safe return, even volunteering to drive around to search for her.

There were prayers lifted for her safe return from our church family, our neighborhood, friends, relatives and their friends. On Sunday when she finally was able to escape we were visiting the county dog pound to search for her.

Our nephew, Adam, who lives next door to us, saw her covered with mud, hardly able to walk and helped get her on our porch. He then called searching for us when he contacted our minister Mary. She came and stayed with her until we returned. Adam, concerned she needed food and unable to find any dog food, gave her his steak to eat.

One of our neighbors driving home from vacation saw her escaping from a driveway drainage pipe. When she returned home a neighbor close by took the time to show her the flier we had distributed. She called and left a message for us so we were able to be aware she had spent the two days and nights. We are impressed with the concern and compassion showed us from our neighbors.

Once again we realize how fortunate we are to belong to the family of Grace Memorial Methodist Church and to live in the Sedley area. Thank you all for being a part of our community family and helping us. You are truly wonderful people. I hope those of you who have not met our Mitzi will come by to see her.

Tobey and Gene Edwards