We are writing to express our opposition to the proposed OLF in Southampton County.

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, August 14, 2007

We are long-time residents of this county and are not fond of the odors from pig farms, chicken houses or the paper mill. However, the paper mill was here before we were and we elected to make our home here so we do not expect it to be moved. The same is true for farming operations.

It appears that developers and homeowners in Virginia Beach and Chesapeake do not feel the same way about Fentress field. It was there before they were and is perfectly suitable for the Navy’s need were it not for the shortsightedness and greed on the part of developers and city planners.

We believe the planners and developers are responsible for the opposition to jet noise in Chesapeake and Virginia Beach. We do not believe they should expect to keep the benefits of the Navy employment, taxes and economic growth for themselves while exporting the bad effects (noise) to us.

Edward and Millie Hotchkiss