Name: Bonita Badgett, RN, Head Nurse

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, August 14, 2007

EMPLOYER: Deerfield Correctional Center

Address:21360 Deerfield Drive, Capron

Phone number:


Operating Hours: Medical Unit operates 24 hours/day, seven days a week

E-mail address:

Nature of Business: Nursing Department at Deerfield Correctional Center

Principle owner/manager and title: Department of Corrections/Commonwealth of Virginia

Year Founded: 1976/Geriatric Mission as of July 1999

Number of employees: 65 on medical staff

How’s business:


We have 1,050 geriatric inmates which includes an 18-bed infirmary and a 56-bed assisted living unit

One thing you wish everyone knew about your business: A correctional nursing career is worth investigating - it is not a scary place to work. Nurses do not lose their nursing skills. In fact, their nursing skills grow in some aspects as much is required of a correctional nurse.

At DFCC we have nurses from all nursing backgrounds — ICU, ER, OB, med-surg, nursing homes and doctor offices.

Something you offer that a customer won’t find elsewhere:

An excellent career in the medical field, whether it be as a CNA, LPN or an RN with an outstanding benefits package available

Advice to young nurses: Be willing to face new challenges head on and don’t rule out nursing choices because you are unfamiliar with a particular work environment or job.

Before deciding not to work in a particular area learn all you can about it and then make an informed decision about whether or not to give it a try.

Your role model (in business or in life generally): My mother

The key to a successful business is: Being honest, fair, hardworking, and willing to give 100 percent without compromising your family time