County fair is summertime staple

Published 12:00 am Saturday, August 11, 2007

Fads come and go. That’s why they call them fads.

Staples are here for years and years. That’s why they’re called staples.

The Franklin-Southampton County Fair starts today and it’s been around for 26 years. This is No. 27. A lot of history is written at the county fair. Yes there are plenty of events that get judged and documented, lots of lists to be checked for years to come. That’s the objective.

But the county fair is also a symbol, of marking time, of seeing someone we haven’t seen for awhile. The fair is an event.

For four days each day at the fairgrounds is full. Whether it’s something happening on the midway, on the main stage, in any of the pavilions, there is something to

see and do.

There are musical performers, walking artisans, items to be inspected and revered.

In short, the fair is a showcase for what we’ve been doing since the last fair. It’s a celebration.