Isle of Wight tourism bureau to move

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, July 31, 2007

ISLE OF WIGHT—The Smithfield and Isle of Wight Convention and Visitors Bureau will in the not too distant future move its offices to the Isle of Wight Museum in Smithfield.

The relocation was approved by the IOW Board of Supervisors at its meeting last week, although a date for the actual has not been determined.

Communication Director Don Robertson said there are several reasons why a move is advisable.

&uot;One is that the visibility would be so much better.

At its present location on Main Street, the bureau is hard to find, whereas if it were in the museum building on the corner of Main and Church streets, visitors would have no trouble locating it.

&uot;Another thing is that the county owns the museum building,&uot; he went on, &uot;while it is presently leasing the building in which the bureau is located.

&uot;This move will save the taxpayers some money,&uot; he added.

Robertson said he thinks the bureau offices will be located on the main level.

&uot;This would seem to be the logical thing to do,&uot;

he said.

Because of some flooding nearly a year ago, the museum is being renovated.