The Vicks part of bad news, again

Published 12:00 am Thursday, July 26, 2007

To the editor

More sadness for the Vick family; first Marcus, now Michael; an especially talented

young man indicted for dog fighting. He will be seriously impacted by this incident no matter what the courts decide.

The American people despise animal cruelty. Michael will forever more be “tarnished” personality, people do not forget.

As for pit bulls, I have been told by owners that they are wonderful, gentle loving pets. I believe them yet I am continually reading of pit bull attacks on children, dogs and adults. To repel a pit bull attack requires matching force; not an option for a child. Generally, most pit bull attacks end in grievous wounds or death.

When I see young men prancing around town with a pit bull on a heavy chain leash I ask myself? What are they up to? Where are they headed? What are they doing? Please don’t tell me “walking the dog?” More likely they are looking for trouble. Fighting dogs, like pugilists, need fights.

Stolen pets satisfy dog fighting and training needs. If we have an underground culture sponsoring this madness locally possibly Mr. Vick could lead the cleanup. His leadership talents are unquestioned, just his integrity and honor at this point.

John D. Murphy