Cemetery rules added

Published 12:00 am Friday, July 20, 2007

FRANKLIN—According to the city’s Director of Public Works Russ Pace, new wording helps address issues for which no regulations previously existed.

The city still will provide cemetery maps and will meet family members on site if citizens request assistance pinpointing a plot.

&uot;I think that is what we’re going to end up doing,&uot; said Pace. &uot;Just meeting everyone who will go out there.&uot;

Some new policies that now apply to using Southview and Poplar Spring cemeteries are:

* All requests for burial site markings will require a minimum of 24-hour notice by the requestor.

* All grave markings must be verified by the family or their representative in advance of digging the grave and in preparation for the procession.

* There will be a $100 fee for marking of a gravesite or sites on Saturdays, Sundays and city holidays.

Some other select policies include:

* Burial spaces or lots may only be used for burial of human remains.

* Burial in the city is prohibited anywhere except in city cemeteries unless otherwise approved by the city council.

* After interment, the top of a burial vaul must be at least six inches below the grade of the ground surrounding the burial space.